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Hand-carved leather

Bloom Leatherworks

Handmade to perfection.

Custom-made leather goods with Sheridan Style hand-carved leather.

About Bloom Leatherworks


When traditional western art and chic design collide.

On the west coast of British Columbia, Bloom Leatherworks’ atelier has been creating bespoke leather goods with Sheridan Style hand-carved leather since 2014.


With expertise in Sheridan Style leather carving, professionalism in hand-making leather goods, and experiences in designing handbags, the owner founded this brand with her whole-heartedly artisanal craftsmanship.


The majority of our products are women’s bags, along with wallets, belts, boxes, wall-hanging arts and many other leather accessories. Each item is delicately hand-carved with extremely detailed work, carefully hand-dyed, then hand-stitched together into stylish shape with various kinds of finest quality leather. The amount of working steps behind-the-scene makes our production quantity very limited.


All the products from Bloom Leatherworks are 100% hand-made and designed by the owner.

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How it's Made

From zero to ultimate.

Sheridan Style leather carving is one of the most well-known style in all types of carved leather-art. Carving on leather is like painting on canvas.

Once the pattern is designed, the leather materials are carved, tooled, dyed and stitched together, along with many other finishing-procedures.


Each piece of carved leather needs to go through at least 20 working steps to reach the characteristic three-dimensional effect. Only hand-making can accomplish flawless works, and that’s why our products are very time-demanding.

We believe only hand-making can accomplish the finest result. Hand-making is also the most durable way to assemble leather goods, so that will maintain our products’ value over time.


Visit our YouTube channel to find out how our products are made.

Home: Welcome
Home: Welcome
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The Materials

Only top-quality materials will be used.

At Bloom Leatherworks, every work contains carved leather which gives its signature look and art value. Therefore, the quality and permanence of materials used in our products are extremely crucial.


In order to maintain the products’ lastingness and durability, we only use the finest quality materials from the world’s most famous tanneries and manufacturers, including leather hides, hardwares, locks, zippers, sewing threads et cetera.

We use various types of top-grade leather materials in our products to accomplish our customers’ desire. High quality leather goods can develop a rich and beautiful patina, and becomes even better with time and use.


No wild animals’ skins or fur will ever be used in our product.

Processing Time

Queue and wait time will be applied to all bespoke orders.

At Bloom Leatherworks, every product is 100% handmade and made by one person—from carving, tooling and colouring to skiving, stitching and finishin.


The numerous steps and huge amount of work behide each item make our products unique and also very time demanding. The processing time for a general size fully carved handbag will be 8-10 weeks. A brand new designed item will take 10-12 weeks to finish. Smaller items will take shorter time to make.


Current queue: 6 months

* This means the earliest time for new order will be started in October, 2023.

(Finish time will depend on the amount of work and the size of product.)


Once in a while, limit amount of finished works will be updated to site’s shop. These items are single pieces and created by maker’s own idea and interest.

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