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How to Order

General guidance from the maker -- about ordeing, customizing and paying.


  • Order online in site's shop.​ Very limited amount of ready-for-shipping items will be updated to site's shop. I only make small quantity of non-custom-made items each year when I have spare time. These items are designed by maker's self-interest. Personalizations are not available on already finished items.

    * Please make sure you have signed in​ to view site's shop.​

  • Order from Catalogue. Customers can also order the items in my Catalogue. The items displaying in catalogue are some examples of the products I've done in the past. You can personalize them to your desire.

  • Bespoke Order. To create a bespoke item, please send me an exlaination of the item you imagine. I will reply you within a week for some detail discussions on design, then I'll provide you an estimate and waiting period.



  • Personalization. Personalize your bespoke object to your own liking, such as adding signature icons, letters, changing colours and adjusting size etc. Contact me to get a complete chart for personalization options.



  • Payment. Customer will receive an estimate price and wait time after we have discussed about the design. For all bespoke orders, a deposit must be held ahead of the making process. An order will not be started until the deposit fee is charged. See more information about upfront payment.



  • Wait Time. Since all my works are hand-made, and very detailed work need to be done, there will be waiting time after an order is placed. Waiting time will be based on 1) current queue and 2) production time​


  1. When I’m currently working on other customer’s order, new orders will put on queue.


  2. Production time depends on the order’s size and the amount of work. Generally, it takes me 10 weeks to make one product.

     Current wait time status​​



Make your object stylish and meaningful.

After we have discussed and agreed on the design of an bespoke object, you can add personalizations to the object. Personalizations are available in three main categories:

  1. Carving Pattern

  2. Colour

  3. Handle and strap length

Contact me to get a full list and detailed instructions for personalizations.


* Please kindly understand that Bloom Leatherworks dedicatedly makes Sheridan Style leather carving, with it's characristic swirlling floral patterns. Therefore, ordering large piece of animal's or people's portrait carving without floral pattern will not be accepted.

How to Order: Welcome

Processing Time


Queue and wait time will be in effect for all bespoke orders


At Bloom Leatherworks, every product is 100% handmade and made by one person—from carving, tooling and colouring to skiving, stitching and finishing—there are numerous steps and huge amount of work behide each product. The processing time for a general size fully carved handbag will be 8-10 weeks. A brand new designed item will take 10-12 weeks to finish. Smaller items will take shorter time to make.


Current queue: 6 months

* This means the earliest time for new order will be started in October, 2023.

(Finish time will depend on the amount of work and the size of product.)


If you don't feel like waiting for a long time, there are some ready-to-ship items without customization in my shop, only available while quantities last.

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How to Order: Welcome


  • Pricing will be based on the amount of work being done, and the type of leather material being used in the object.

  • For all bespoke orders, I will provide you an estimate price for your customized item after we have discussed about the design.


  • For all bespoke products, an upfront deposit fee is required when placing orders. See more info about upfront payment.


  • If you’d like to order anything from my catalogue, please get a quote and let me know your personalization preferences.​


For all the bespoke orders, upfront payment will be charged.

Please understand that every product is unique and made-to-order, the material being used in one order can not be reused in other customers’ order. Therefore, a deposit of 60% of the product value will be charged when placing the order. The rest 40% plus shipping and taxes will be charged when the product is ready to ship. Thanks for your understanding.

* Customers will not be charged with any fee until the design is approved. A bespoke order will not be started until deposit is received.

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